Q. What is J&J Field of Screams?

A. Field of Screams is a new haunted attraction in Shelby, OH that includes a Hayride and Haunted Corn Maze. **New in 2023 is the addition of our haunted woods! Don't miss it!!

Q. How much are tickets?

A. Tickets are $20 cash or card. Tickets may be cheaper depending on current promotions.

Current promotion: FRIDAYS ONLY! Show your student ID from 9-11pm and get $5 off admission

Q. Can I bring my kids?

A. J&J Farm is a family friendly environment, and all are welcome. For the haunted attraction we ask that you use your discretion as each child is different. However, as a rule we suggest children be at least 10 years old. 

Q. Do you sell food?

A. Due to manning and logistical issues, we may not have concessions this year. However, we will try to provide baked goods and hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate and cider for cold nights. 

Q. Do you have restrooms?

A. Yes. We have facilities on site.

Q. Do you close when it rains/snows?

A. We will be open as long as it's safe. Too much rain creates an environment where people can get injured. If there is lightning or hail, we will close immediately.

Q.  Is it wheelchair accessible?

A. While we welcome anyone who would like to visit J&J Rietschlin Farm, the nature of the farming landscape creates a near impossible way to navigate our attraction(s). When you add the unpredictability of weather into the equation, it becomes worse and far more dangerous. 

Q. Is the hayride haunted?

A. Most of the monsters who inhabit our property are confined to the maze and the woods. Although some have seen and heard quite the contrary while enjoying our hayride. Keep your eyes peeled!

Q. Do kids have to be accompanied by an adult?

A. Elementary children and younger should be accompanied. 

Q. How many can go through in a group at a time?

A. We try to keep the group number to 6 or less. 4 or less seems to be a good number for the best experience. But if groups cannot split up, we will allow it.

Q. How long does it take?

A. With the addition of the haunted woods and the 1/4 mile hayride, you can expect to be in harms way for a minimum of 30-45 mins.

Q. Do actors touch you?

A. NO! Actors will not touch you intentionally. They may, however, get close and/or stalk you. In the future we may include a "touch pass" at an additional charge. Please be respectful and don't touch the actors as well.

Q. Is there security on the farm?

A. Yes! Most nights will have a uniformed officer on site as well as a plain clothes officer. Other security is also provided by our staff. Please read our disclaimer to ensure you remain out of a patrol car :)


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